See You At The Poddy, Richter! - An Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Podcast

Raw Deal: Trivia & Extras

August 16, 2022

Wivern Impressive(AKA Joe), Nasty Eagle Imposing(AKA Chris), & Crane Dopey(AKA Aaron) are back to finish off Arnold’s 1986 crime thriller, Raw Deal!

They’re joined once again by comedian Tommy Lucero AKA The Roachface Killah(from The Smartlys, now streaming for free on Tubi Tv), as they check out some movie trivia while discussing the perfect place for an Arnold soundboard & Patrick Swayze’s Total Recall, before finally facing off against…The Spreadator!

You can follow Tommy on:

IG: tommytheroach

Twitter: @tommy_lucero 

TikTok: tommytheroach420


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